Hi, I'm Julie!

Read on to learn more about me.

I graduated in May 2018 with a BFA in Digital Design and Illustration and am currently working as a Marketing Representative with a medical group, as well as completing freelance work for multiple clients.

I like painting portraits, designing layouts for digital, print & web, and taking pictures of events that happen around me. I prefer to work with digital means but am not afraid to go back to traditional mediums. It really just depends on the project/subject!

I use Photoshop for my digital painting, Illustrator for vector creations, InDesign for typographic designs, and Sketch for UX/UI comps. I also use acrylic paint, gouache paint, and Copic markers for any traditional work.

I enjoy playing MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) video games. I’m a big LoL Esports fan – even having met my significant other, Josh, because of it! I also enjoy baking with our cat, Isabelle (or more often referred to as SmallCat), long road trips with Josh and Isabelle, collecting quirky merchandise from my favorite shows and games, window shopping for new computers, art and baking supplies, and napping when I’m overwhelmed with loads of projects (only joking… Or am I? hah).